February 11, 2021

Featured Articles

Q&A: Zoom CTO Brendan Ittelson

Zoom has become the go-to communications tool for everything from business meetings and conferences to online learning and virtual happy hours. We talk to CTO Brendan Ittelson about the company's remarkable growth and its plans for the future.

Elevating Remote Production in the Cloud

What's the best way to handle a multiday conference with one remote panel event after another, with about 5 minutes between them, maybe less? What if you add video playback, remote slide presentations, and the inevitable last-minute changes?


The New Exploration of Broadcast: Live & Transactional video

Interactivity and personalisation let OTT services cut through the noise and keep viewers coming back.

Simplifying Live Streaming at Scale with DASH-IF

As competition for viewer attention increases, features that rely on timed metadata and low latency will become more important. Underpinning these features will be a need for better reliability and the new DASH-IF ingest specification should go a long way to addressing that.

Industry News

MBC Broadcasts COVID-19 Special with TVU Networks’ Live Contribution Technology

South Korean Broadcaster MBC Brought in 64 Remote Guests Using TVU Networks’ Live, Video-Over-IP Solutions

Spark Sport chooses M2A CONNECT to power the global transport of its premium sports content

New Zealand sports broadcaster will use M2A Media’s cloud IP transport service to transport live video content from partners worldwide

Amino powers GO Malta OTT Android TV launch

Amino has announced that its AminoOS-powered Amigo 7X devices and Amino Engage are being deployed by GO Malta, Malta's leading communications services company. The deployment will provide GO Malta's customers with exciting new OTT video services based on