April 23, 2020

Featured Articles

Cutting Bitrates, Keeping Quality

In the COVID-19 era, the right approach can check both boxes, and decisions made in response to the current demand on bandwidth can have long-term business advantages for OTT services

Buyers' Guide to Low-Latency Solutions

If you need low latency, here's how to pick the technology solution that's right for you. But it's not a one-size-fits-all affair.

How to Produce CMAF Output and Testing Playback

CMAF has reached maturity. Here's one way to go about using it, with AWS Elemental MediaConvert

Industry News

Net Insight joins the Zixi Enabled Network facilitating interoperability with other partners

Zixi leads in enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over IP and Net Insight have been at the forefront of re-transmission-based IP and cloud delivery

MediaKind launches Aquila Streaming solution on Google Cloud Platform to power delivery of personalized media experiences

MediaKind, a global media technology leader, today announced that it has extended its partnership with Google Cloud to enable its end-to-end Aquila Streaming solution to be offered as-a-service on the Google Cloud Platform.

Elecard Video Analyzers Now Support VVC

Elecard has implemented support for the new VVC format in the video analysis products that are part of StreamEye Studio set.

DPP and Signiant Launch Real-Time Research Project Into Remote Working in the time of Coronavirus

Research will chart how media companies and individuals adapt to new ways of working