March 21, 2019

Featured News

Brexit: A Disaster in Waiting or Y2K All Over?

The British streaming media community will be largely unaffected by the UK's (eventual) departure from the EU but the damage may already be done, and the effect on the associated creative industries could be significant.

UK TV Looks Inward for Brexit BritBox

ITV and BBC announce belated SVOD plans—with Channel 4 and Channel 5 to join down the road—but will UK viewers pay for a 'Made in Blighty' streamer?

SeaChange Acquires Xstream

The Copenhagen-based Xstream, which generated $6.6 million in SaaS revenues in 2018, sold to SeaChange in a cash and common stock deal valued at $5.5 million

Featured Articles

The State of OTT 2019

There are more services than ever, soon to be joined by new offerings from Disney and Apple. But how many can the market support?

Live Sports Streamers Want Sub-10 Second Latency

M2A Media explains how it orchestrates live streaming worldwide for DAZN, at the conference; Amazon talks AI and the Royal Wedding

Streaming Forum: Sky Not Taking Competition Lying Down

Sky's Deepa Kutty talked about the competition from Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon as part of a deep dive into the importance of innovative approaches to advertising at Streaming Forum

Industry News

Televisions remain the most popular medium for viewing live programs

Despite technology making it possible to view content from any device, 70% of viewers still tune in via their television set

GoTranscript Introduces Updated Transcription Process Ahead of Anticipated 2022 Video SEO Boom

It is estimated that by 2022, 82% of web content will be video traffic - GoTranscript has improved the UX of its translation service to help businesses expand into new, foreign-language markets

AP pioneers new form of live underwater broadcasting on Indian Ocean science mission