April 26, 2018

Featured News

Pay TV Revenues to Drop $18B by 2023 as Spending Patterns Change

Cord-cutting remains a problem for pay TV operators in more developed areas, while the rest of the world signs on for lower-priced service.

Global Pay TV Falls 11% to $183B by 2023, Led by North America

While pay TV is seeing big losses in the United States, it still has plenty of room to grow in other countries. IPTV adoption is strong in China.

SVOD Will Make Up 70% of Total Home Video Spending by 2021

Subscription offerings outsell DVDs and other physical media, and they're growing as households sign on for multiple services.

Featured Articles

How to Measure Video Encoding QoE

An insightful new service called Mux Data makes quality of experience monitoring and analysis easy. This illustrated guide explains how to use it when diagnosing problems big and small.

Buyers' Guide to Encoder Appliances

Sometimes software-only solutions just don't cut it. Here's how to understand the tradeoff between hardware and software encoding, and how to select the best appliance when low-latency and delivery matter.

DIY: Rudimentary Audio Streaming

For the second installment in our do-it-yourself series, we look at how to set up a very basic audio stream between two computers on the same LAN. While the coding is simple, the concepts underneath are crucial to an understanding of how streaming works.

Industry News

Mic drop: Simplestream takes the best of British stand-up comedy beyond the traditional DVD special

Simplestream today announced that it has been chosen by NextUp to build its video streaming service dedicated initially to British stand-up comedy, with international ambitions.

UTSA Grants Amazon Prime Video Exclusive Live Telecast Rights to US Open Tennis in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Five-Year Deal to Bring Live and On-Demand Coverage to Prime Members in Both Territories Beginning with 2018 US Open

Dailymotion OTT App Arrives on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Vivendi-Owned Video Discovery Platform Brings Premium Publisher Partnerships to Amazon’s Connected TV Product

Registrations Open for Northern Waves 2018: TV Tech & Business Conference

New event in Oslo, scheduled for 31 May, will bring together broadcasters and pay-tv operators to discuss OTT technology and monetization.