June 23, 2016

Featured News

Chromecast Now Shipping More Units Than Apple TV, Finds IHS

Netflix is now available on 32 percent of all connected devices in the U.S., making it the de facto rival to any other video service in the country.

90% Skip Pre-Rolls, Finds Mirriad Ad Blocking and Skipping Survey

The vast majority of young adults skip online video and TV ads at least some of the time, making them hard for marketers to reach.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Face European Commission Content Quota

Under new rules from the European Commission, the SVOD services must ensure that at least 20 percent of their catalogs are of European origin.

Featured Articles

For the Win! Live Sports Are Driving Streaming Video Innovation

The desire to keep sports relevant to the younger audience and connect with mobile media consumption habits is driving innovation online.

2016 Brings New Video Opportunities, But Old Video Challenges

As summer begins, StreamingMedia.com looks at the content, monetization, and workplace challenges that face the industry. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Euro 2016, Then Olympics, Set to Break Live Streaming Records

Official streams may reach peaks of 15-18 terabits per second for the Rio Olympics, but the IOC is banning social streaming from the games, without saying how it plans to police or punish fans who use Periscope, Facebook Live to share the games

Industry News

nTh releases HighSee, the Over-The-Top (OTT) Video analyzer for TELCOs Assurance Applications

HighSee infers subscriber User Experience (UX) and assesses both media servers and network performances for OTT Video services by monitoring HTTPS Adaptive Bit Rate Video Sessions in the mobile core network

Twitter to Bolster Machine Learning and Video Intelligence with Acquisition of London-based Magic Pony Technology

Twitter's Cortex group to incorporate Magic Pony's machine learning technology; Magic Pony PhDs to expand European engineering team

Edgeware Announces Support for the New CMAF Standard

The support for a common format enables operators and content owners to deliver OTT TV streaming across many applications and devices.

Xstream signs exclusive Asia Pacific Licensing Agreement with IOT Group subsidiary, OTT Premium

Xstream has its eyes set on expanding in the Asia Pacific Region in line with their global growth & expansion strategy