July 04, 2024

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Tubi Returns to Crack the Crowded UK Streaming Market

Fox Corporation's ad-supported streaming service, Tubi, will shortly launch in the UK with more than 20,000 movies and TV episodes available on demand. The FAST service utilises machine learning to deliver personalized user experiences, said the company. Tubi will be available in the UK across every major TV platform, iOS and Android smartphones and on the internet.

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Q&A: Wurl’s Ria Madrid Discusses BrandDiscovery's Groundbreaking Generative AI for CTV Ads

A Q&A with Ria Madrid of Wurl - she discusses BrandDiscovery, their new tech that makes it possible for marketers to precisely match CTV ads with the emotion and context of what viewers are watching to create positive attention, using Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions. Partners like Media.Monks are already driving impressive results for their clients through Wurl's solution, which uses scene-level contextual targeting to help advertisers align the emotional sentiment of their campaign creatives with content closest to the ad break.

Industry News

Gcore Launches Advanced AI Solution for Real-Time Online Content Moderation and Compliance

Gcore launches AI-based video content moderation solution that combines computer vision, optical character recognition, and speech recognition to protect viewers and brands.

New appointment gives MwareTV high profile in Indian sub-continent

- VP India and South-East Asia - Goal to drive close relationships through on-the-ground presence - Leader in driving strategic growth