November 24, 2022

Featured News

Gambling on Sports Is a Sure Bet for Streamers

The travails of FuboTV aside, streamers are advancing on incorporating Sportsbooks into their live product

View from the Edge

Preserving Our Inter-generational Legacy (or Streaming Media’s Feet of Clay)

So considering streaming, file transfer, or even leaving the long tail simply unused and archived as the storage media changes around it over years, there's much to think about for anyone wanting to leave a video as an intergenerational legacy.

Industry News

Accedo One Powers Janson Media to Deliver Direct-to-Consumer Streaming Service

Accedo, the global video solutions provider, has worked with Janson Media to deploy its new media streaming service, JANSON TV. The service is powered by Accedo One, Accedo’s SaaS platform for white-label OTT multi-screen video services.

VlogBox Partners with Pzaz TV to Improve CTV Media Experience

VlogBox, a full-cycle CTV agency, channel development, video distribution, and monetization platform for content creators, has announced its partnership with Pzaz TV, an up-and-coming media CTV-based platform.

Muvi Live Wins 2022 Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award

Muvi’s Live Streaming product - Muvi Live - gets the recognition of ‘Best Live Streaming Service in the Online Video Industry' selected by End Users