October 20, 2022

Short Cuts

Paramount's Adtech Challenges for Live Streaming at Scale

What are some of the biggest adtech challenges for live streaming at scale? Jarred Wilichinsky of Paramount talks about the ways his team works to mitigate technical issues, such as minimizing latency, load testing, and correcting audio levels, along with ensuring that the ads themselves meet acceptable legal standards and practices.

Does 'If You Dream It, You Can Stream It' Apply to Interactive Media?

What are the newest engagement and interactive opportunities for both live in-person and virtual event audiences? Finding ways to bridge the gap between in-person and virtual audiences and create experiences that cater to their specific needs is now essential, according to Beth Norber of Mainstream Media, as audiences have grown more sophisticated and expect high-quality interactive presentations.

Industry News

Muvi to Showcase Content Partner Portal at NAB Show 2022, New York

A platform-oriented content collaboration solution to engage with users to enhance their video content

iSIZE commits to a sustainable future with membership of Greening of Streaming

iSIZE has become a member of Greening of Streaming. This is a global forum with members across every aspect of content streaming, to address the ever-growing concerns about the energy impact of the streaming sector.