April 14, 2022

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BT Sport Moves Further Towards 8K Broadcasts

BT Sport delivers first live 8K broadcast of a top-tier sporting event into the home, a broadcast of the Saracens v Bristol Bears Gallagher Premiership Rugby Match on March 26.

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Buyers' Guide: Per-Title Encoding

In per-title encoding, an encoding service creates a unique encoding ladder for each video file. While available for live streaming, per-title encoding is most often utilized with video on demand.

The State of Video Codecs 2022

With H.264 usage finally beginning to decline and several newer codecs ascendant, this 2022 codec update reports on the most significant announcements from the last year relating to H.264, VP9, HEVC, AV1, VVC, LCEVC, and EVC.

Industry News

BT Media & Broadcast and M2A Media trial world’s first orchestrated cloud connectivity to Europe’s leading content exchange

M2A Media, leading innovators in cloud-based live video solutions, today announced its collaboration with BT Media & Broadcast to bring the world’s first orchestrated cloud connectivity to BT Tower, Europe’s leading content exchange.