Overcoming Performance-inhibiting Factors to Serve Gamers in Emerging Markets & Beyond

For gamers, performance is everything. They’ll quickly abandon games that don’t deliver a fast, responsive and stable gaming experience. Yet in many countries, there are factors beyond a gaming infrastructure and network engineer’s control that will affect performance.

Designed for gaming infrastructure and network engineers, this interactive guide is authored by infrastructure experts at Zenlayer, providing an overview of the gaming landscape and performance factors in nine emerging markets where there are tremendous opportunities for gaming companies to grow user base and revenue. It also discusses how Zenlayer enables gaming infrastructure and network engineers to sidestep performance-inhibiting factors and realize significant improvements in latency, jitter, and packet loss.

Readers will learn:

  1. Key gaming markets & performance factors
  2. Ideal architectures for improving gaming performance
  3. Case studies: how gaming companies improve user experience with edge cloud services

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