Live Streaming In 2021 And Beyond

The last year found most live producers in triage mode, as onsite productions became remote by necessity. Now that audiences and performers are back in venues, and teams and fans are back in stadiums, it's time to work smarter rather than harder, finding efficiencies in remote production workflows without sacrificing the high quality that audiences expect. We'll talk to live streaming producers who've honed their skills in both the field and "at home" to find out how they're doing it today, and where they see live streaming going in the future.

Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, VP & Editor-in-Chief, Streaming Media

Ian Nock, Founder & Principal Consultant, Fairmile West Consulting, UK
Larry Gale, Head of Production Network, PUSH, UK
Andrew McCargar, Project Manager, 3Q GmbH, Germany