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Lantre Barr

Lantre Barr is CEO and founder of Blacc Spot Media, Blacc Spot Media is a collaborative team of designers and developers specializing in Web-Real Time Communications (WebRTC). Blacc Spot Media builds custom applications, enterprise platforms and mobile applications for a wide array of partners, including Twilio, Xura and AT&T. Founded in 2011, Blacc Spot Media is privately-held, with its headquarters in Atlanta, Ga. For more information, visit Contact Lantre at, or call +1.678.832.9502,,

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Dailymotion/Peer5 Partnership Is A Big Win for WebRTC

WebRTC and peer-based content delivery allow Dailymotion to offload expensive hardware and bandwidth costs while improving video quality and service. Other streaming media publishers should take note and follow suit.