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Patrick Walker

CEO, Rightster

Patrick Walker has over 20 years of experience in the media industry, always working at the crossroads of content and technology. Patrick began his career as a TV producer for Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK, where he was involved in the launch of the world’s first HDTV channel, later working as a Senior Broadcast Journalist for BBC News in hotspots across Asia. Following that, Patrick moved to London to launch early Internet video and music consumer products on behalf of clients including the BBC, UEFA, Channel 4 and Fremantle, serving as RealNetworks’ General Manager for International Video Services. In 2006 Patrick was Google’s first hire outside the US to work on its video strategy, initially with Google Video and then as YouTube’s European boss following the sites acquisition. In his role as Senior Director of Content Partnerships at YouTube, Patrick built the team that established thousands of commercial partnerships across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and launched YouTube in over 30 EMEA countries. In 2013, Patrick joined UK-based Multi-Channel Network (MCN) Base79 as its Chief Content Officer tasked with finding new partners and helping them, and Base79’s existing clients succeed in a global, multi-device, multi-platform online video market. Following Rightster’s acquisition of Base79 in July 2014, Patrick joined Rightster’s Executive Team as Chief Commercial Officer taking on responsibilities for Rightster’s global content and commercial partnerships. In January 2015 Patrick was announced as Rightster’s Chief Executive Officer and will be appointed to the board of the company in due course.

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