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Andy Plesser

Executive Producer and Founder, Beet.TV

Andy began his love affair with filmmaking in high school when he directed films about teenage life.  After studying filmmaking in college, he became an Associate Producer at CBS TV.  Following his work in television, he entered the public relations business, working for several firms before forming his own in 1992. 

His firm, Plesser Holland Associates, has a variety of clients, including CBS Interactive,, and various universities.

Although Andy remains a principal of the PR firm, Beet.TV operates separately with its own staff and resources.  Beet.TV is not a platform to publicize the public relations firm’s clients, but client interviews may be featured and fully disclosed in the post when the subject matter is editorially relevant.

Andy was named a Streaming Media All-Star in 2010.

Articles for Andy Plesser

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