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A.M. Arno


As President of a growing media company, A.M. Arno is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of Oraculum Media. Ms. Arno has worked closely with Oraculum Media’s founder Thomas Phillips since 2007 aiding in the development and creation of several television properties.
A.M. Arno has earned two Masters degrees (Media Studies & Psychology) and has been privileged to study under both the renowned marketing guru Charles Warner and Kit Laybourne-the Chief Creative Director of the Oxygen channel. An accomplished songwriter, artist and performer, Ms. Arno prides herself on being an artist with real world business sensibilities.
Prior to her involvement with Oraculum Media, Ms. Arno worked in various capacities in both Promotions and Publicity for Virgin Records and Universal Music. Ms. Arno began her career as Forensic Psychologist.

Articles for A.M. Arno

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