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Christine Perey


(530) 621-0468
Christine Perey is an evangelist, industry analyst and independent consultant focusing on Mobile Social Networking and Mobile Mixed and Augmented Reality for consumer applications, and Machine Learning-based advanced technologies for virtual business meetings. She is a catalyst for change and advancement in these domains; her passion is developing new opportunities for widespread adoption of emerging technologies and services that will profoundly change how people live and work in the future. In 2008, Christine co-founded Mobile Monday Switzerland. She is the chair of the W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking and serves as an advisor on committees and boards. More information at She can be reached at

Articles for Christine Perey

Distributed Social Networks: Promises and Pitfalls

As users attempt to maintain identities and assets, including video, across multiple sites, the W3C held a workshop to address opportunities and challenges offered by distributed social networks.
Fri., Jan. 30, by Tim Siglin and Christine Perey

World Cup 2006: New Media Set to Score Big

The technologies behind online and mobile delivery of World Cup games and highlights are only part of the story. Sweden’s Infront Sports & Media was responsible for all video licensing, ensuring standardization of coverage across the globe.
Tues., June 6, by Christine Perey

Case Study: European Commission Masters Streaming Media

The EU’s Audiovisual Services group reaches out to journalists by offering an online complement to its popular Europe by Satellite service.
by Christine Perey

Going Mobile: Wireless TV Market in the UK Takes Off

As 3G gains momentum, successful trials suggest that the time is ripe for mobile TV in the UK. But competition between delivery models, as well as debate over the roles of different links in the delivery chain, is keeping widespread adoption at bay.
by Christine Perey

CeBIT 2006: Action at the Extremes

With its theme “Digital Solutions for Work and Life,” this year’s show offered plenty of playback-related devices, from the most portable to the least.
by Christine Perey