Streaming Tank: Use Social Networks to Build Buzz for Live Events

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Live online video events are popular now, but only if they're managed correctly. At the recent Streaming Forum conference in London, Chris Dabbs, CEO of Streaming Tank, delivered a master class on building social buzz around live events. Successfully marketing an event means managing all the elements around the event. There's more to a live online video event than just the video. If brands want to build excitement around an event, they need to start well ahead of time.

"It used to be down to the best production and the best streaming, but now it is so much more than that," Dabbs said. "As well as the main event, you really now need to be looking at everything which is happening before the event, during the event, and after the event. It is very much about the conversation -- rather than just the linear approach -- the conversation between you or your brand to the target audience. Now, much more important is actually the conversation that they're having back with you, and even more important is the conversation they're having with each other."

Use the company's social network accounts strategically before, during, and after an event. Social networks help create that conversation.

"We have social brains. We like to share, we like to be shared to, we like to be given advice on things," Dabbs continued. "Luckily, we have the social networks, and there is more and more of them popping up, most of which are video- and non-video-enabled, but you can make the best use of both of the video- and non-video-enabled social networks to be able to achieve a number of different things."

Those goals include improving long-term brand recall. Marketers can do this by starting their campaigns early, getting viewers to interact with content during the event, and getting them to share content with others. Do this and there's a much greater chance they'll recall the brand two weeks after the event.

For more on live online video event marketing, watch the full video below. Dabbs gave his presentation via Skype, and the beginning of the video has some sound issues, so jump to the four-minute mark.

Case Study: Live Streaming Into Social Media: The Online Conversation

This session explores the streaming technologies that have been effective on social networks such as Twitter, Google and others in turning live streams into global phenomenons, from creating the largest catwalk ever viewed at London Fashion Week, to getting Blur to number one on iTunes in less than 22 minutes.

Presenter Chris Dabbs, CEO, Streaming Tank Ltd

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