Videology Partners With AddThis for Granular Audience Targeting

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Video ad platform Videology announced that it's partnering with content engagement platform AddThis to drive video ad targeting, even in areas where targeting data at scale is unavailable. This is possible thanks to the large amount of behavioral data that AddThis regularly collects. AddThis engagement tools are placed on over 14 million sites across the globe, generating a vast amount of granular data on consumer preferences. Through the agreement, Videology is able to mine that data and infer demographic information to allow viewer targeting for video advertisers.

Videology is able to use AddThis data in the U.S., Canada, France, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. AddThis data is now being added for the U.K., Russia, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, as well. Videology notes that it can use the data to identify people who might be in the market for certain products, such as cars or television sets. AddThis data is completely integrated with the Videology Campaign Engine in the U.S. and Canada, letting advertisers plan campaigns for audience groups such as small businesses, car shoppers, or gamers.

In October, 2013, Videology introduced its contextual video targeting platform to Europe, created in partnership with TriVu Media, with VivaKi as its first European customer.

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