YuMe: Does Screen Size Matter in Online Video Advertising?

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It's a question brands have to consider when advertising with online video: does the size of the screen matter? Is an ad on a desktop computer going to be more effective than an ad on a smartphone?

At the recent Streaming Forum conference in New York City, Brendan Carney, YuMe's U.K. business development manager, revealed the results of a study his company conducted across the U.K.

"To understand what we mean about screen size, we're talking about different devices," Carney began. "To get a better understanding of how things are now, you have to look at the past. You don't have to go much further back than ten years and the living room [was] centered around the television. Not too much distraction: just one device, that TV probably not connected to the internet."

Now things are far different: That average living room is now full of devices, all at different sizes.

"Fast forward to 2013 and the living room's full of distractions," Carney noted. "The TV is still central to this living room, but more and more often this TV is connected to the internet. We're seeing smartphones, tablets, and laptops all cluttering up this space -- meaning there's a whole load more screens for us to be targeting with our advertising. This screen fragmentation is increasing and it continues to do so. In fact, the IAB [Interactive Advertising Bureau] now reports smartphone penetration being at 64 percent."

In its research, YuMe asked if content had equal ad value across all screens, if advertisers should be delivering the same content to all devices, or if smartphones provided a lean forward experience while tablets provided a lean back experience.

Watch the video below for YuMe's findings.

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Online Video Advertising: Does Size Matter?

Brendan Carney, UK Business Development Manager, YuMe — UK 

By size we mean screen size. YuMe and Decipher launched a UK multi-screen study to help media planners and publishers better understand consumer media consumption. What matters more: screen size, location, or content? This session will provide the answers.

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