Rightster Changes Pricing Model for YouTube Channel Management

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Responding to customer feedback, video technology and services company Rightster has announced a new pricing model for YouTube channel management. According to Rightster CEO Charlie Muirhead, clients were irritated at having to pay Rightster a portion of YouTube revenue that they believed they would have earned without Rightster's services. Backing down on its original terms, Rightster now lets clients keep all AdSense revenue, as well as all advertising sold by YouTube. Rightster will only take part of the inventory that it sells, whether that comes in the form of advertising, sponsorship, or affiliate.

For those new to Rightster, the company offers YouTube channel management and enhancement, as well as sales support. The company's YouTube features include channel setup, search engine optimization, social media seeding, Content ID setup, cross-promotion with other channels, collaboration opportunities for original programming, and advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Rightster notes that current clients include Condé Nast, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and The Guardian.

Rightster also points out that YouTube's One Chanel migration occurs tomorrow. Channels that have not already adopted YouTube's channel page redesign will automatically be ported over. Rightster says that for the channels it's migrated over, watch time has increased by 37 percent and the ratio of videos to subscribers increased by 635 percent.

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