Viewster to Stream Film Festival Titles in the U.K.

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Movie streaming site Viewster is aiming to make a name for itself with independent film festival titles, thanks to agreements with KinoNation, Renderyard, and Moviehouse Entertainment. The deals add over 20 festival titles, such as Dos, Shine, and Shadow of the Vampire, to the site. Viewster offers free, ad-supported video-on-demand viewing. Viewers also have the option of renting titles to avoid ads.

Viewster's library already includes over 5,000 titles. While the site's movies and shows are available in over 120 countries, geographical restrictions are in place for many of the better known titles.

With this announcement, Viewster is streaming festival films that in some cases haven't been available to home viewers before. If Viewster can successfully make a name for itself with celebrated independent titles, it could eke out a niche that better known subscription video-on-demand services miss.

Titles coming from KinoNation include Dos, hirst, Citizen Jia Li, Sedona, Missing Pieces, and Meanwhile in Mameloid. Films from Renderyard will include Lip Stick & Bullets, Makers of Story, P.O.E: Poetry of Eerie, ICE, ReCycle, Shadow of the Vampire, Shine, Les Amours Secretes, and Exhibit A. Finally, Moviehouse Entertainment titles will include Popcorn, 1234, Studs, Mad Sad & Bad, Abraham's Point, Rage at Placid Lake, Sugarhouse, and Tuesday.

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