i2i Media - Executive Predictions 2023

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Given that I have continually failed to predict the lottery number each week, any chance of predicting the coming years developments in Streaming Media seem woefully slim.

I had considered that if dicing with death enables you to relive the past in fast forward mode, maybe dicing with rebirth will show the future? Unfortunately, I could not find anyone mad enough to share in this birthing escapade.

Given the above, I am relying on requests from clients and project ideas from the team as the indicators for where the market is going.

Key activity at our end resolves around A.I. implementations and intriguingly E.I implementations. In a world where the trail of digital breadcrumbs is so long and voluminous, there is just too much to learn to be ignored. Expect yet more profiling and ‘intelligent’ targeting. Big brother is definitely watching and making judgements about who you are, your values, morals and what your triggers are.

There appears to be a big shift to AVOD/FAST solutions that seems to have legs in 2023 and beyond. The cost-of-living difficulties and solutions such as Pluto have made people realise that SVOD and the ‘adult’ business model is not the only player in town. Long live the niche broadcasters. However, can the Ad Agencies please get their act together and create decent seven-second Ads (not the boring 30-second monsters that are just too dull to sit through when you have too many other things to click on).

Philip Radley-Smith
CEO | i2i MEDIA | HTTPS://i2iC.COM

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