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At G&L, we are passionate about sustainability. We’re all about engineer-led methods that save energy for all components along the line, from
encoding to delivery and playback. No greenwashing here—only fact-based, operationable approaches. Our team is all about using ASIC- and ARM-based encoders, choosing the optimal mix of codecs and resolutions for devices, and even shutting down delivery servers outside peak hours. Saving energy doesn’t mean sacrificing quality, and our solutions provide an optimal viewing experience while conserving resources. Keeping our fingers crossed for nuclear fusion!

Transparency is another key focus. We gather and align metrics for all processes, so you can get actionable insights. We support the latest standards, including CMCD and CMSD, and use scalable, secure data pipelines to provide you with the information you need. We work with an extensive network of professional partners to integrate industry-leading custom solutions, because you deserve more than off-the-shelf.

Hybrid workflows are becoming increasingly popular, and we’re ready to help you adapt. We design a media technology stack that can be operated on-prem, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. No vendor lock-in, your choice! Our solutions provide flexibility without sacrificing performance, security, or ease of use.

At G&L, we’re all about taking a pragmatic, no-bullshit approach to the industry. We’re bad at sales pitches—we’re here to deliver results that work for you. We’re excited to keep providing you with the sustainable, transparent, and flexible architectures you need to differentiate in the world of streaming media.

Alexander Leschinsky

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