Streaming Players and OTT Cost Optimisation

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Magnus Svensson: What about the player area, James? How does that fit into this optimisation discussion?

James Hynard: So I think, again, going back to the convergence discussion, we're seeing moves towards standard players--ExoPlayer, AVPlayer, Shaka Player--which are good starting points to then build solutions around. We're not needing to waste time anymore developing your own player, which obviously then adds costs to everything. And so what we do instead is then build upon these and then add more and more features into them, working with partners, for example. This basically means that when you want to deploy a player, you can do this a lot more quickly, and with the assurances that these additional technologies that are integrated are properly tested and work from the get-go. I think that all of this convergence is then leading to cost reductions going forward. Vinay, what do you think?

Vinay Gupta: I couldn't agree more, James. That's a trend we are seeing as well, and we are actively pursuing. You're right spot on, on the convergence really leading us cost-effectiveness in a lot of ways because if a trial and tested player with a certain packaging and DRM could work on one STM and five compliant devices, that's exactly what we expect from the other one. So what we are seeing as well. We have seen all sorts of players, and especially when it comes to connected TV as a platform, an AVPlayer or native SDK. And we have also sort of started going into this direction that lets us use Shaka or lets us use DASH, and just fixate on one thing, make sure that this player works with all kinds of other use cases around ads and all, and start trying to make use of it everywhere. And we clearly see all those benefits.

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