WIZTIVI - Executive Predictions 2020

”Augmenting” television to put it back in the heart of households, that’s the challenge Wiztivi is committed to alongside its customers, pay tv operators and broadcasters.

The wide range of high-quality content to highlight, the multiplicity of devices available on the market, the growth of OTT video services are all challenges that Wiztivi faces daily by designing and developing intuitive, fluid and personalised User Experiences. It does so with a unique environment with an integrated design studio working under the same roof as expert video developers.

Voice control, social capabilities and profiling are priority topics Wiztivi commits to entirely when making User Interfaces. In the near future, screens will turn into personal assistants, with whom you can discuss about what you want to watch (or what they can suggest to you), according to your tastes and time of the day, regardless of the source (EPG, VOD, catchup). One might want to chat with his family during interactive TV conferences or share sporting events with their friends, bet on the result and buy the jersey of their favourite team. Wiztivi will empower users through innovative use-cases.

Thanks to its own software platform (the WIZTIVIFRAMEWORK), Wiztivi frees itself from operators’ technological environment constraints and can address a large number of devices (set-top boxes, smart TV sets, mobiles, tablets and gaming consoles ...) with a single code, improving significantly both time-to-market and deployment costs. Tomorrow, new types of screens will be available and will help in controlling your home, inform or entertain users that will no longer need to focus on driving. The future is rich and Wiztivi is already building it.

Ari Bensimon


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