I2I MEDIA - Executive Predictions 2020

Sjoerd managed to keep up his record of ringing at the most inopportune time, asking for some 2020 predictions – this year I am burning up the desert back roads from California to Arizona in the Aston, with Priest blasting out on the stereo, when he calls. Naturally I pull over and get out of the car to be able to concentrate, wondering a bit in to the scrub as the conversation develops. To my horror, I get back to the Aston to find that some scallywags have nicked all four wheels. I am told that it is going to take seven long hours to get some replacement wheels trucked over from LA. On the upside that is seven hours to think about streaming media in 2020. Unfortunately inspiration seemed to be lacking until the effects of the baking desert heat and dehydration set in. The following might be inspiration or hallucination: 

  • Some bloke with a blond mop of hair to start the roll out of Gigabit fibre in the UK
  • If Gigabit comes, expect an explosion of new technology – great gaming features and some very exciting hologram solutions for content (theatres in your front room)
  • Lots of talk about 8K, with streamers wasting their time for home use
  • The film industry continuing to follow the path of the music industry but 20 years late – expect lots of mid-sized casualties
  • More clever cloud solutions to speed up and simplify the workflow around creating and distributing content
  • More moves for over blown VR streaming

Philip Radley-Smith

CEO | i2i MEDIA | i2iC.COM

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