Interview with Steven Tielemans - CEO of THEO Technologies NV

THEOplayer. Your name already 
gives a hint but tell us a bit more what you do.

THEOplayer is the technological front-runner in the online video playback space. Our single HLS/MPEG-DASH video player works seamlessly across every device and platform combination. We make it easy for media companies to deliver the best possible viewer experience to their users. To sum up, we deliver the best online video player solution in the world*.

What’s the biggest challenge 
in terms of technology? 

Given the significant number of steps in the online video chain, it comes as no surprise that this process is both difficult to implement and hard to manage. The ever-evolving set of new connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, consoles, STB and smart TVs make it even more complex, often requiring numerous components of the video chain to be replicated or run in parallel. 

How is THEOplayer approaching these challenges?

Implementing a video stack is a difficult task. The various components making up the video chain need to be able to both work independently and interconnect seamlessly even when delivered via different vendors. THEO Technologies drastically simplifies this process offering a best-of-breed approach coupled with a stable and constantly updated integration framework: this facilitates the integration of the various components without incurring expensive and time-consuming integration costs. 

How is THEOplayer different from its competition?

We have developed a Universal Video Player, fully HTML5 based, from the ground up which supports every platform and device type through a suite of SDKs. Moreover, we deliver the most performant video playback technology: superior viewer experience in terms of latency, start-up time, seeking time, etc. and the most advanced feature set and functionalities. And, as mentioned before, we come with a long list of pre-integrations with complementary technology providers, to easily deploy the player in the ecosystem of the media company.

What is THEO Technologies working on? What is your future plan?

THEO Technologies is ready to further disrupt and simplify OTT and VOD streaming. We are already playing a leading role in assisting Telco’s, broadcasters and traditional media companies around the world, closing the gap between user expectations and what media companies can offer. As for the future, we are working on something that promises to revolutionize the video industry as we know it. We can only say to stay tuned!

*in 2017, THEOplayer has been awarded Best Online Video Player Solution / SDK by Streaming Media Readers.



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