YouTube and BitTorrent Rule Internet Traffic in Europe: Sandvine

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Video is the online traffic leader in Europe, a report from Sandvine shows, with YouTube and BitTorrent getting the highest shares. But filesharing traffic could be on the decline.

Sandvine, which sells network policy control solutions, recently released its "Global Internet Phenomena Report: 1H 2013," which looks at a variety of trends in the evolution of internet traffic.

YouTube makes up 24.25 percent of downstream traffic in Europe during peak use times. BitTorrent comes next at 12.22 percent. BitTorrent is the upstream leader, however, with 40.63 percent of traffic. For upstream, YouTube only gets 7.79 percent.

Sandvine notes that companies with lower "real-time entertainment" numbers typically have more filesharing traffic. The report suggests that people turn to filesharing when the content they want isn't available in their area. It also predicts that filesharing has peaked and will experience "a steady and significant decline" thanks to the spread of paid over-the-top (OTT) services into underserved regions.

The report shows that the one percent of internet customers in Europe are responsible for 30.7 percent of all upstream traffic. Half of all customers account for only 9.5 percent of combined upstream and downstream internet traffic.

Download the report for more internet usage trend information. Registration required.

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