Unruly Intros Dynamic Video Ad Format that Matches a Site's Look

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Social video advertising company Unruly has come up with an ad format that adapts in real-time to the look and feel of the host website. Called Unruly In-Feed, it allows advertisers to stream native video ads (meaning viewer-initiated ads, as opposed to pre-rolls) at scale across sites. Video ads can be added to the content of any site in a way that matches that site's design.

Unruly will only charge for an impression if 50 percent of the ad is in view for 3 seconds. This is actually better than the weak viewability standard recently approved by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), which calls for 50 percent of an ad's pixels to be viewable for 2 seconds.

The In-Feed format is an effort to reach the growing number of mobile viewers. As Scot Button, Unruly's founder and CEO explains, advertisers now want social ads to be delivered as part of a content stream, not inserted in a sidebar or banner.

Unruly has partnered with Adidas to launch the format. The sportswear company will use In-Feed ads with its #predatorinstinct campaign. Unruly says that over 100 publishers will run In-Feed ads, including IDG.

For a better look, watch Unruly's demonstration of the format.

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