Subscribers Want More Flexibility From Their Pay TV Subscriptions

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When it comes to dealing with subscription TV services, customers want more flexibility to increase, decrease, or even pause service. That information comes from Paywizard, a London-based pay TV monetization company. Paywizard partnered with research firm Decipher, which conducted focus group testing in the U.K. and U.S.

The ability to change subscription packages easily is important for subscribers, PayWizard learned. Not all respondents were unhappy: One praised services that let subscribers quickly change their level of service by saying "These pay TV packages are like a rubber band. You flex them in and out and it's fine.”

Other respondents said that they don’t want to feel tied down by a subscription, and that being able to pause and restart an account without filing out forms is important.

“The feedback from the focus groups mirrors what we are hearing from consumers across the globe,” says Bhavesh Vaghela, CMO for Paywizard. "Today’s subscribers’ circumstances change all the time and viewers want providers that can be agile and keep up with their needs.” People resent having to pay for TV service while they're away for a month-long holiday, he adds.

For more findings, download the paper "Seize the Moments: Supersize Your Subscribers With Active Engagements," available for free (registration required).

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