RealNetworks Debuts RealMedia HD Compression Technology

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RealNetworks has chosen the Mobile World Congress Shanghai as the place to debut its RealMedia HD compression technology. Real is making big claims, saying that RMHD can improve compression efficiency by 50 percent over H.264, and that it offers fantastic HD image quality.

RealMedia HD is the successor to the company's RealMedia Variable Bitrate (RMVB) technology.

In launching RealMedia HD, Real is targeting it to viewers, chipset manufacturers, vendors, and OEMs. Viewers will get strong video quality with low bandwidth requirements, while chipset manufacturers will see large cost savings over their current hardware. Vendors will like the bandwidth savings and faster encoding times, while OEMS will benefit from the backwards compatibility that supports older RealMedia content.

Real will focus on launching RealMedia HD in China for the rest of 2015, a company representative said. It will be "exploring opportunities in rest of world" starting next year.

“The developer's team of RealNetworks China addressed these new needs of consumers with a vision to offer the end-user of mobile devices a technology that delivers crisp HD image, ultrafast streaming, and a high potential to save storage and data transmissions costs. At the same time we are building up a kind of RMHDecosystem in collaboration with online streaming vendors, OEMs and chip manufacturers,” said Thierry Raymaekers, AVP for RealPlayer Group China.

Those interested in sampling RealMedia HD can visit the company's executive meeting room (W5.EMRX6) at Mobile World Congress Shanghai. 

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