RealNetworks Begins Worldwide Rollout of Unifi Service in Germany

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RealNetworks' Unifi is a cloud storage system that lets users access their files - including music, photos, and videos - from any device. While Unifi was previously announced (CNET named it the best software, service, or applications product at this year's CES), it's only now available to consumers.

The company is now offering Unifi in Germany, the first stage of what will become a worldwide rollout. Subscribers of Vodafone Germany can sign up for the service. Available in tiers, users can get 10GB of storage for €2.99 per month, 30GB for €4.99 per month, or 70GB for €9.99 per month. The service works with Windows and Macintosh computers, as well as iOS and Android devices. BlackBerry support should follow this summer.

Besides storing content, Unifi offers some helpful extras. Subscribers can take pictures on their iPhone or Android phone and have them instantly saved to the cloud. It connects to Facebook for photo sharing and it allows Android users to play songs from their iTunes music collection.

The next destination will be the U.S., which will get access to Unifi this fall. Unifi will be available to U.S. customers through phone carriers, although RealNetworks hasn't said which it will partner with. Those interested can sign up to be notified at the Unifi site.

"Customers want to be able to easily find and enjoy the media they own, no matter where it resides," says Mike Lunsford, Interim CEO of RealNetworks. "With Unifi, they have the freedom to choose the phones, computers, tablets, services, and platforms that best meet their changing needs - and still have access to all of the media they love."

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