Limelight and Qwilt Partner for Integrated Delivery Solution

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With a solution that addresses both global delivery and last-mile needs, content delivery network Limelight and transparent caching specialist Qwilt announced an integrated caching partnership that will bring fast delivery to any region.

"Together, we have an operational integration of infrastructure that allows Limelight to use Qwilt Open Caching, deployed in service provider last-mile networks, to deliver content from the edge, close to consumers," explains Qwilt CEO Alon Maor. "In this way, Open Caching serves as an extension to the Limelight Infrastructure, optimizing content delivery and quality of experience." Maor calls the partnership a first and says it will help the industry improve scale, reach, and capacity.

Limelight has over 80 points-of-presence across the globe and an egress capacity of over 25 TB per second. Qwilt's caches are located in operator networks, and can serve content without sending requests over the internet. For material not stored in those caches, Limelight's CDN provides a greater-than-98 percent cache-hit efficiency.

For the end-user, it should mean faster delivery and less buffering.

"Customers consuming content from the Limelight and Qwilt integrated solution will benefit from low latency content delivery which improves overall quality of experience," Maor says. "Low latency content delivery is essential to enable new network-based applications like AR and VR on scale."

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