Is Live Streaming Stagnating? Give Us Your Feedback!

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Just in time for summer, the team at and Help Me Stream Research Foundation bring you another edition of the Live Streaming Technology Trends survey.

Last year’s inaugural survey on live-streaming trends in technology uses—from codecs to acquisition/delivery protocols revealed a number of interesting insights, thanks to our readers.

For instance, a number of respondents told us they’re content with RTMP for acquisition, but a growing number said they needed to have Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to gather the feeds they planned on delivering to their audiences. SRT showed progression, but perhaps not at the level we’d expected to see.

In the past year, has your use of HLS-RTMP-SRT as acquisition or delivery protocols increased or decreased? That’s just one of the areas we’d like your feedback on.

Another area of interest is the growing case for newer codecs, from AV1 to H.266, and whether they’re still primarily relegated to on-demand playback or finding a niche in live-streaming technology workflows. Is the hype real or are we still in a primarily AVC/H.264 world for live streaming?

Are you or your organization involved in live streaming? If so, the team at and Help Me Stream Research Foundation would love your insights on a variety of trends.

The 2024 edition of the Live Streaming Technology Trends survey covers everything from the devices your viewers use to consume your content to your typical bandwidth and resolution of that content. Based on feedback as part of last year’s survey, we’ve also added additional protocols, codecs, and even online platforms.

We’re also curious about how big a role that computing services play for you and your organization, given feedback last year that hybrid approaches were on the rise—balancing the cost of capital expenditures (CapEx) alongside ongoing operational expenses (OpEx) for both cloud-based services and on-premise gear.

To better understand these topics, we need your help! The deadline for completing the survey is just a few weeks away, so please take the survey, and tell your colleagues and friends about it as well.

As thanks for the time that you spend answering the survey questions—which should take no more than 12 minutes—we’ll provide you with a copy of the overall industry results, so that you can gauge your best practices against the industry as a whole. In addition, if you provide your email address, you’ll be entered into a random drawing to win a pair of Beats Studio Pro Wireless Over-Ear Headphones. One winner will be chosen after the survey closed and notified during the webinar held in August to discuss the results of this 2024 edition of the Live Streaming Technology Trends survey.


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