Edgeware Debuts Software Suite Targeted at Popular Live Events

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Exhibiting at the 2018 BroadcastAsia conference in Singapore, video delivery company Edgeware debuted a suite of tools designed to help broadcasters and other content owners handle the demands of popular live events. When massive numbers of viewers tune in live for a sports event or reality show, it puts a strain on the network and can lead to sub-par viewing experiences. Edgeware's suite offers new features to solve that.

Those new additions include Dynamic Asset Spreading, which lets operators spread highly in-demand content among a wider group of servers than they would normally use. Doing so provides more streaming capacity while lowering the chances of overloading servers. The new Predictive Session Load Balancing solves viewer onboarding congestion before it becomes a problem by re-directing viewers to other servers. Finally, Edgeware's Edge Asset Consolidation fixes a problem caused by a cache-miss. In live low-latency situation, new video segments might not get written fast enough to keep up with client requests, resulting in a cache-miss. When this occurs, servers send out requests for content. However, origin servers can get overwhelmed when they get thousands of identical requests. The new feature consolidates those identical requests into one, reducing strain on the origin server.

These features are available in Edgeware's software suite and its TV servers for live networks. 

“Onboarding a huge number of clients, each requesting the same content within a very short timeframe, is a challenge for a unicast delivery network,” explains Johan Bolin, vice president of products at Edgeware. “This new suite of technologies makes sure content distributors avoid overloading streaming servers, reduces pressure on their origin servers from cache-misses, and makes sure all users have the highest-quality viewing experience.”

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