Cast Time to Open CDN in London

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Isreal's Cast Time has chosen Streaming Media Europe to announce the expansion of its presence outside of its home country. The video content delivery provider is to extend its content delivery network, currently located within Isreal, into the UK within days.

“During the week before and after the show we are speaking with the largest Tier 1 data centres in London and will be selecting one of them to support us,” explained David Merkel, sales and marketing. “We are offering a free trial period for any customer in which they can upload a certain amount of content and address, say, 500 concurrent users over a few weeks to make sure they are happy with us before proceeding.”

Cast Time offers an end-to-end solution for uploading, monetising, and delivering video to any device using Flash, Silverlight, or HTML5. It serves newspapers and publications in Isreal including National Geographic.

“We know the OVP market is very competitive but we are confident we have some unique advantages,” said Merkel. “All our development is done in house. The platform is built in such a way that it's very easy for us to do customisation and integration for customers. The client simply dreams up what they want to do and what audience they want to target and depending on the level of customisation it will take us a few weeks or couple of months to get them started.”

Cast Time will liaise with ad serving companies, or customers can use its own internal ad system which enables simple operations like pre-, mid-, and post-rolls but also PiP and texting or captioning within dynamic content.

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