BBC Reportedly Creating 'Britflix' Online Subscription Service

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The Telegraph has reported that the BBC is working with ITV, NBC Universal, and other content owners to create an subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service with the working title of Britflix. This marks a change for the corporation, which is trying to catch up with popular services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Britflix will combine archived movies and series, as well as original productions. Executives in charge have been quick to assure viewers that their favorite broadcast productions won't move over to the subscription service.

The service is still in early development, so there's no announcement on price or whether or not Britflix will be available outside the U.K. The service will operate through the iPlayer.

The government recently authorized the BBC to develop a subscription-based service.

"There may come a moment in the future where all television is delivered online, and if you do that it becomes a more realistic practical possibility if you wanted to move towards an element of voluntary subscription, which is why the BBC, who see the way the world is changing, have said, ‘Yeah we will just see for the online provision, whether or not there might be a case for additional new content being delivered on a subscription service, via the iPlayer,'" culture secretary John Whittingdale told the Telegraph.

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