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Video is not just a big part of the web; it is on its way to becoming the dominant way we consume content online. Now on average, people watch over an hour of digital video each day, and online video makes up nearly three quarters of all internet traffic. Many of the changes over the last 5 years have been led by technological advancements and specifically on the device side with the move from linear TV to on-demand consumption. This is the case for PC, smartphones, tablets and Smart-TVs. The result has increased the market for video services exponentially.

The media industry we have long known is changing. Today’s viewers are pulling out tablets, laptops, and smartphones, accessing video content when – and increasingly where – they choose. This transformation has not been subtle. In growing numbers, consumers are replacing their traditional cable and satellite TV packages with smaller, more customized, and often less expensive mixes of programming, cobbled together from an array of online and on-demand services.

Where it was typically still sufficient to only support browsers, tablets and smartphones in 2017, in 2018 your viewers will require support on all their connected devices. Just like Netflix you will have to support all types of Smart TVs, consoles (Xbox, PlayStation) and streaming devices like Roku or Chromecast. Furthermore, your viewers do not only require you to support these devices, they are also expecting a consistent experience across these devices.

THEOplayer is at the forefront of this rapidly evolving online video landscape. Our award winning Universal Video Player, built in HTML5, provides a single player across all major devices, platforms and browsers. The Universal Video Player is pre-integrated with leading solutions across the video ecosystem including streaming, analytics, DRM and content monetization to remove the complexity of service development.

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