SYNAMEDIA - Executive Predictions 2020

2020 Predictions

1. BUNDLING – The cross-service TV bundle will move centre stage as the perceived wisdom that cord cutting is decimating the traditional pay-TV sector will prove false. As the world’s media powerhouses launch their own streaming services into an already crowded market, consumers will be confronted with too many siloed options. Many services won’t survive; some cord cutters, tired of searching, may ultimately watch less. To avoid this fate, traditional pay-tv broadcasters and new players will join forces to offer a converged, curated “new pay-tv bundle” that better meet consumer demand. 

2. PIRACY – We will see the industry raise the volume about the toxicity of streaming piracy and credential sharing. While individual operators facing severe piracy situations are already calling for more to be done to combat pirates, we are only at the start of this battle to protect both the value of premium content and operator revenues. 

3. LATENCY – There will be a growing theme around broadcasters converging their broadcast and IP streams at the headend to synchronize latency between live broadcast and OTT streaming at scale. We will also see a flurry of activity around ATSC 3.0 as US broadcasters prepare the technical, commercial and legal ground for roll-outs that will open up new application opportunities.

Jean-Marc Racine


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