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True live streaming is so much more than just low latency

Imagine a future where you watch live sports and seamlessly decide what player to follow, what corner kick to replay, and what real-time game stats to see. Imagine seeing that penalty kick at the exact same time as everyone else and imagine challenging your friends to guess the outcome right before it happens. In the ad break that follows, the shoes are of course promoted by your own favourite athlete. 

Of course, it’s not all about sports. In the future of entertainment, imagine taking polls and quizzes during your show, seeing the results immediately and interacting with other viewers in real-time. All in UHD quality on your 65" screen at home or on your smartphone.

Streaming as a broadcast replacement promises this kind of experience. Unfortunately, for premium sports and major live events there are still very few alternatives to broadcast. The first live streaming provider to deliver a truly engaging experience will clearly have a first-mover advantage.

But to deliver this kind of experience, live streaming must become instant, glitch-free and provide consistently high quality regardless of network conditions. Content must reach everyone at the same time, even with millions of viewers.

So, while the CMAF and LHLS low-latency battle plays out, our experience working with some of the world’s largest live streaming providers is that low latency alone is not enough. The future of live is a True Live experience that’s personal and interactive, delivered in perfect sync and with better-than-broadcast quality.

Filippa Hasselström


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