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Online Media Delivery, now & the future

The original Content Delivery Networks (CDN) were designed for caching traditional content and not built for today’s standard of rapidly changing content and the growth of video and audio. As social networks supply users with constantly updated content, and broadcasters and media companies focus on delivering media such as sports and news, traditional CDN’s have found it difficult to meet the needs of the industry today. This has kept them strained, vulnerable and expensive to operate with the bulk of the cost having to be passed on to their customers.

To stay up to date with today’s needs and to maintain a focus on the future; these media organizations have adopted a video first approach to give users access to the latest and freshest content in real-time. It has now become a necessity for CDN’s to be able to deliver seamless video and maintain HD quality regardless of how many users are engaged with the content. 

We have built MainStreaming around today’s requirements and have made caching a thing of the past with our full stack solution for delivering video and audio in real-time. With our global solution, MainStreaming customers now have complete control over how their media is viewed, played and distributed across all channels. 

We foresee tremendous growth in the coming years for all types of media, especially in video and audio, and with our revolutionary Hypernode technology & advanced algorithms in place, MainStreaming is in prime position to support the global delivery of them.

Antonio G. Corrado


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