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Since forming Garland in 2004, we’ve helped numerous broadcasters, sports organisations and media companies transition through several generations of video codec. 2018 will see HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) fully established as the next generation, and now is the time to embrace the many benefits it offers in the digital video ecosystem. 

The adoption of HEVC by iOS devices, and broadcasters introducing it on their latest set top boxes is pushing this new high compression format to the forefront. Improvements from lower data rates to higher quality, increased reliability and broader platform delivery means content providers can give sharper, colour rich pictures without increasing transmission costs, or choose to maintain the same level of quality, and increase revenues by delivering more content.

Imagine having new ways to enhance value to new subscribers. We’ve been working with leading UK broadcasters to deploy HEVC for football and motorsport coverage. With HEVC, they are providing 4K UHD video across more live content, and producing a wider range of 
HD content due to lower acquisition costs — where it matters, fans get to see more of what they want and the perceived value of their subscription increases.

In an ever-changing world, it is even more important to report those breaking news stories, particularly from the most difficult to access places. Applying HEVC to bonded cellular technology, you can get pictures clearly over previously unmanageable data rates, and reduce news-gathering costs by using lower data rates while producing the same quality video. The net effect: satisfy the ever increasing demand for live news. 

Who doesn’t like more content choices, variety and viewing options, and faster downloads? In turn, content owners will gain more subscribers, while existing subscribers stay loyal to brand offerings. Viewers are the barometer of success, and they going to love the adoption of HEVC, even though they may never really know what is behind their pictures! 

Lorna Garrett & Malcolm Harland

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