COMPRIMATO - Executive Predictions for 2018

Broadcast IP production is slowly becoming a reality, and we will see more facilities built on ethernet than on SDI. An IP is essential because it will pave the path to pure software, virtualized, and cloud infrastructures. This results in cost-effectiveness and flexibility. However, before we get there, we will have to start using more of the standard IP formats. Therefore, I will be carefully watching the adoption of open VSF TR-01 standards for IP contribution and remote production. Inside facilities, we will witness a battle between uncompressed and compressed IP. Even if the uncompressed video has its place and proponents, I still believe in compressed IP infrastructures in the long run. The reason is that the bandwidth requirements will be growing with UHD, high dynamic range, and high framerate. The compressed IP is more future proof and necessary for future in the cloud. With that regard, we will see two new compression standards to emerge. The JPEG XS was designed as a light and fast, high-quality compression for broadcast IP and I will be even more interested in a standard called HT-J2K; it is a high throughput (HT) variant of popular JPEG2000 codec. It will bring up to 5x throughput and lower latency and will be a hot candidate for both contribution and local IP video networks. The common denominator will be software processing which brings flexibility and scalability. In 2018, we will witness a renaissance of GPUs which will play an essential role in the real-time processing of high volumes of the video data.


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