CDN77 - Executive Predictions for 2020

The streaming world of 2020 is likely to be marked by the continuing emergence of 5G network infrastructure, latency and performance improvements associated with wide adoption of new formats and protocols. We’re also about to see a rapid emergence of new markets. The CDN players will therefore have to stretch their networks infrastructure in terms of both the capacity and geographical reach.

The adoption of 5G networks will allow more viewers to enjoy top quality videos on their mobile devices. I am sure this will increase video consumption dramatically. We need to be ready to handle bandwidth peaks primarily during sports events. 

It’s time to draw attention to strengthening the CDN’s geographical reach. The emerging markets, such as India, Brazil, Vietnam or Indonesia - to name just a few, will continue to take substantial portions of global video content distribution. The cooperation with local ISPs will reduce the dependence on TIER1 providers and secure the best possible quality of content delivery.

The game of video processing will continue to revolve around streaming latency improvements and encoding workflow simplifications. Formats and protocols such as WebRTC, SRT or CMAF will enjoy a wider adoption into live and on-demand workflows. CDNs are bound to invest into further developing their video platforms to accommodate these needs.

Streamflow by CDN77 will continue to grow the network above its current 15 Tbps capacity. We’ll also keep enhancing our video platform that now encompasses the entire processing of live and on-demand video with CDN delivery and detailed analytics. 

Zdenek Cendra


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