BROADPEAK - Executive Predictions for 2020

Delivering exceptional QoE will continue to be critical for pay-TV operators in 2020. Operators need to provide broadcast-quality video for multiscreen and adaptive bitrate services. The good news is solutions exist. Using multicast ABR technology for live applications, operators can achieve scalability and create the network conditions necessary to reduce latency below 5 seconds. By implementing CMAF and chunked transfer encoding (CTE) or Low-Latency HLS, they can reduce latency even further to less than 2 seconds.

Content personalization is another big trend, including personalized ad insertion and replacement for all types of content, from VOD to live and cloud PVR. Being able to adapt video streaming to the context of the user based on content, device type, and subscription will be essential to a pay-TV operators’ success.

At Broadpeak, we believe transparency is crucial from an operators’ perspective. The best way to achieve this is with full analytics and monitoring, allowing for efficient troubleshooting and analysis of user behavior, while respecting GDPR rules. Home network optimization is also key. Operators must analyze, in real time, traffic in the home network to allocate bandwidth resources in the smartest way possible, in order to optimize user’s QoE.

With the 5G rollout under way, operators will also begin exploiting the benefits of 5G networks, including caching closer to the edge to improve QoE and scalability, fixed wireless access leveraging 5G networks, and taking advantage of network slicing to guarantee service level agreements.

Overall, the harmonization of relationships between operators and content providers will be important going forward.

Jacques Le Mancq


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