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Responding to the ConsumersDesire for Control

It’s undeniable that the global Pay TV market is experiencing major changes as consumer expectations continue to evolve. As more content is being delivered to an expanding range of devices, owned by increasingly demanding customers, Pay TV is being forced to become more consumer-centric. The old adage of “Content is King” is still relevant when it comes to creating a service, but the consumer is in charge when it comes to the success of any video service.

The new world is one where location-independent, consumer-owned devices are used to devour streaming content. Consumers have embraced new user interfaces, presenting content options in new ways and providing levels of personalisation not found in legacy EPGs. If operators cannot provide consumers with the perceived flexibility they receive from OTT providers, subscribers will churn. 

Data-driven, configurable UX is the future – this will pave the way for a move from professional services, to Platform as a Service in helping broadcasters, Pay-TV operators, OTT streaming services create engaging, compelling subscriber experiences. Amino has expanded its market reach to align with these shifts in the market and provide customers with more than just a STB. 

We’ve anticipated this trend and through the acquisition and integration of 24i we can provide operators with all the smart devices and services they need to deliver modern user experiences that place the consumer in control. We firmly believe that the solution providers and content distributors that succeed will be those that acknowledge and respond to the fact that the subscriber is now in control.

Donald McGrava


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