Vimond: Sport Broadcast Is a Lab for Online Video Experimentation

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In many ways, sports video has been the leader in online video innovation. No wonder, when there's often an enthusiastic fan base willing to pay to view the results. At the recent Streaming Forum conference in London, Kine Lunde, director of customer operations for Norway's Vimond Media Solutions, and Helge Høibraaten, Vimond's CEO, talked about experimental work they've done for sports broadcasters.

"Why is sport a good thing to experiment with? I think it has to do with this feeling -- this warm, fuzzy feeling," Lunde said. "Tell me about a sport that doesn't make their fans really enthusiastic and engaged and proud and frustrated, even more social. That's what you have to try to build out online in your offering there."

The key is to offer a great image and lots of interactivity.

"The TV picture is still the essential thing in an online stream, but you have to make it more unique and interactive," Lunde explained. "Make it a great experience for the user. So how do we do that? The first example I have is from Finland, where they're very much into ice hockey….We built a live center for them with advanced viewing options."

Broadcasters often add interactivity with each season, delivering more options to their viewers.

"What we've seen again and again with customers is moving from just simulcasting the experience online, then moving to a more engaging thing where you can do anything from play around with the numerous options here to communicate with others who are watching," Høibraaten said. "It brings out the experience to another level."

For more, watch the video below and download Vimond's presentation.

Case Study: Sport as Laboratory for Online Broadcast

Sport viewers want to engage with content. Honing in on what they want to interact with and seizing the moments they want to share adds a lot of value to online TV. Using interactive, in-production examples from UEFA Champions League, World Cup Ice Hockey, Tour de France, and the 2014 Winter Olympics, this session shows how to create compelling experiences across multiple screens.

Helge Høibraaten, CEO, Vimond Media Solutions
Kine Lunde, Director, Customer Operations, Vimond Media Solutions

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