Vimond Explores the Challenge of Live Online Video

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Even though content creators are increasingly offering live online video events, getting that content into their video-on-demand channels once this event is over remains a significant hurdle. At the recent Streaming Media Europe conference in London, Helge Høibraaten, CEO of Vimond Media Solutions, talked about the challenge broadcasters were experiencing.

"What we see, when we talk to people out there and listen to what their challenges are and how to help them, the main challenge many people have is that content is not moving fast enough to the new screens, especially the things that you can't plan ahead -- like boxed drama, etc., that you can transcode days in advance," Høibraaten said. "But if you're looking at live events, I've been talking to surprisingly big broadcasters saying that for them to have a live event available for on-demand could take typically half-an-hour after the event is done. That seems to me to be one of the workflow challenges that we meet when facing people."

Metadata is another challenge for broadcasters. Too often, broadcast and online workflows don't communicate well enough to share metadata.

"The other thing I'm seeing is it's a lot of metadata flowing around in broadcasters," Høibraaten continued. "There's loads and loads. But, somehow, many of the systems that are in use today are not capable of using this. So, instead of just piggybacking on the enormous streams of metadata already created for the broadcast, people are recreating this for online. More often than not, because that's very time consuming, a lot of the videos online are not enriched the way they should be."

When that happens, it's the online viewing experience that suffers.

For more on online video delivery and monetization, watch the full panel below.


Delivery and Monetisation in a Multi- Screen World

Moderator: Troy Dreier, Senior Associate Editor, and
Frank Thorup, Owner & Managing Director, Xstream
Sami Kanninen, Head of WebTV, MTV Oy
Helge Høibraaten, CEO, Vimond Media Solutions
Karl Mayer, Regional Sales Director, Octoshape
Dion Eusepi, CME Mobile Solutions Architect, HP Enterprise Services

Consumers are becoming accustomed to getting the video they want anywhere, on any screen – even moving from screen to screen over the course of viewing the same piece of long-form content. In order for the consumer to have that seamless experience, everyone from the content owner to the distributor needs to work together to integrate their solutions. This panel will host representatives of each of the major steps in the delivery chain – content owner, ingest, distribution, and player – who’ll discuss the challenges involved in making it all look easy.

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