The ABCs of Managing a Complex Multi-Platform VOD Workflow

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While products and services try to simplify the demands of a multi-platform VOD workflow, there's nothing simple about it. Speaking at the recent Streaming Forum conference in London, Bastian Manintveld, head of M&A and business development for Arkena, outlined the two chief goals of the publisher.

"When you are managing a video-on-demand service, or any television service, really, there are really two things you care about," Manintveld  explained. "You want to be efficient -- you want to spend the minimum amount of time, money, and resources possible to meet your desired objective, which is getting the content on the right screen in the right in the right format in the right quality at the right time. And you want to be effective -- you want to make sure that what you set out to do, that you do it well."

While the operation can be manageable when small, scaling up drastically changes the complexity.

"People build their own solutions to dealing with these types of problems because they need to be dealt with. People start feeling the pain once it scales, and today we're in a world where everybody has to scale to more screens with more content and better service, so a lot of people right now have this problem," Manintveld said.

To hear specifics on dealing with distribution complexities, watch the video below.

The Complexity of the Multi-Platform VOD Workflow

A high-level overview of managing the complexities of the multiscreen video-on- demand workflow, this session addresses rights management, scheduling, operational workflow, metadata and reporting based on experiences with international broadcasters such as HBO Nordics, Orange Cinema Services, BT, Channel Five, and Telefonica.

Presenter Bastian Manintveld, Head of M&A and Business Development, Arkena

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