The 2010 Streaming Media Dream Team

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BrownsteinJonathan Brownstein: Founder
Not On TV

Previous Job Titles:
• Director of Sales, Video On Line
• VP Sales and Partnerships, Tiscali
• Country Manager, Easybits Software

Proudest Achievements:
• U2's first concert on the web in 2001. First big pre-roll ad deal.
• Digital Syndication of Wimbledon in 2005.
• Streaming and global distribution of Nelson Mandela Inauguration concert (46664) in 2004 in Cape Town and all the Mandela Days that followed (George, Tromso, Hyde Park, New York).

Next Best Thing You're Working On:
"We are launching an audio-video offering over PCTV for the Nigerian market."

Biggest Challenge Facing the Industry:
"Inventing solid business models for independent companies to tell stories of people and cultures which will otherwise be forgotten. Finding substantial financing for content production which has only one noble goal and that is to preserve culture, local language and heritage."

Chris Dabbs: Account Director and Co-FounderDabbs
Streaming Tank and the Creative Tank Group

Previous Job Titles:
• Before jumping into new media, Chris Dabbs gained valuable industry experience working across numerous industries including music (media division of Boosey & Hawkes music publishers), magazines (Emap, TBP, SJP, etc.), and digital consulting (BBC, Imperial College London, etc.).

Proudest Achievements:
• The world-record breaking simultaneous live stream from 156 countries for Starbucks and the charity (Red) ( The LOVE project generated enough money to buy more than 7 million days of medicine for people living with HIV in Africa as well as one of the most challenging streaming projects ever undertaken and created a world leading viral campaign.
• Having such a dedicated team and patient wife as well as a 100% track record on live streaming.

Next Big Thing You're Working On:
"Quality 3D streaming, HD streaming, and increasing the quality of SD streaming, mobile, and platform integration."

LevyBrian Levy: CTO
Red Bee Media

Previous Job Titles:
• VP & CTO, HP Communications and Media Solutions
• Group Technology Officer BT

Proudest Achievements:
• My daughter, who is very cool, is a joint one.
• At a work level, I am most proud of the great teams I have had the honour to work with in my nearly 40 years so far. I am passionate about creativity that comes from people.

Next Big Thing You're Working On:
"Bringing together the broadcast and movie industries to jointly address new service and business models with a transformational technical architecture."

Biggest Trend in Online Video:
"It used to be that the big networks set the schedules for us all to watch, then came the network Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), and now my daughter is the EPG. She sets the schedule, and the choice she will have in the future enabled by the internet will redefine the industry landscape of today beyond all recognition."

Jamie Miles: Head of EU Architecture and EngineeringMiles
Level 3 Communications

Previous Job Titles:
• Network Engineer, Pfizer

Proudest Achievements:
• Marrying my wife Corie and raising our four great kids,
Joshua (12), Ethan (10), Andrew (8), and Kaily (3).
• Helping to design and build Level 3's IP network, which is now one of the largest in the world.
• Leading Level 3's European product management, product development, engineering, and operations teams to launch our European CDN and terrestrial broadcast businesses.
• Supporting the first-ever large-scale Microsoft Smooth Streaming event last summer for Roland Garros in partnership with France Televisions, Microsoft, and Inlet.

Next Big Thing You're Working On:
"Continuing to blend Level 3's 20-year-old terrestrial video transport services (Vyvx) with our internet, CDN, and internet broadcast solutions. The goal is to empower the industry to have online video solutions that are as robust as traditional video solutions with all the benefits of an online experience."

MoehlCraig Moehl: Founder and Managing Director
Groovy Gecko

Previous Job Titles:
• Director of SatStream, the broadcast-standards satellite acquisition and transcode facility in London (current)
• Operations Manager, MTV Networks Europe
• Contributing editor to several video and computer industry publications

Proudest Achievements:
• Groovy Gecko is one of the pioneers and evangelists in this industry and continues to push the boundaries of what is "possible, feasible and do-able", which is our consulting mantra.

Next Big Thing You're Working On:
"A sharper focus on added-value applications, tighter integrations through deeper client and sector understanding."

Biggest Challenge Facing the Industry:
"The industry needs to move from a product-led to a solution-led focus with an emphasis on co-operation and partnerships to offer genuine added-value into niche-markets.

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